Marlon Cornelio

Going Vertical: Citizen-led Reform Campaigns in the Philippines, 2nd ed.

Going Vertical is a result of action-research collaboration between Government Watch (G-Watch) and the Accountability Research Center (ARC) on multi-level citizen action for accountability. This book investigates how one strategic approach to citizen accountability - vertical integration - enabled seven reform initiatives in the Philippines to gain meaningful results. 

Enhancing the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA) Report Card Survey (RCS): A Report to the Civil Service Commission

There is a need to look at how the RCS can be improved in assisting the frontline agencies in ensuring “prompt, efficient, honest and high quality” delivery of services. 

This research aims to provide recommendations to the CSC on how the ARTA-RCS can be improved in effectively assisting the frontline agencies in reducing red tape in their delivery of services by:

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