G-Watch Briefing-Orientation: Basic Citizen Action for Accountability Training for New G-Watch Cadre Recruits and Pilot Run of Community Development Fund Budget Tracking

G-Watch is formerly a social accountability program of a university founded in 2001 that is currently rebooting, in transition to being an independent national action research organization embedded in a citizen accountability movement aiming to contribute in the deepening of democracy through the scaling of accountability and citizen empowerment.

One of its goals in harnessing a citizen accountability movement is the development of citizen-friendly self-help capacity-building materials and continued recruitment and development of citizen monitor-leaders who are oriented and capacitated on G-Watch's brand of citizen action for accountability.

On October 4-6, 2017 in Puerto Princesa City, a number of new potential cadre recruits will undergo the G-Watch's Citizen Action for Accountability Training that the G-Watch Center is currently developing. Part of the training is the pilot run of a budget tracking of the Community Development Fund (CDF) of barangays deemed critical to be engaged by the Community-Based Sustainable Tourism (BSCT) leaders, who are the lead constituencies of G-Watch-Puerto Princesa.

For more info, contact the G-Watch Center through the contact details indicated in this event page.