G-Watch and Center for Youth Advocacy and Networking (CYAN) conduct a Social Accountability and Vertical Integration Training

G-Watch is conducting a blended (online-offline) three-session training on social accountability and vertical integration for the MultiplY-Ed Project spearheaded by the Center for Youth Advocacy and Networking (CYAN) and supported by the Education Out Loud program of the Global Partnership for Education.

The MultiplY-Ed (Youth-led, Multi-sectoral. and Multi-level approach to monitoring education in the time of COVID19) Project aims to improve transparency, participation, and accountability in various levels of education governance through youth-Led, multi-sectoral and multi-level approach to monitoring government education policy and service-delivery in addressing the education needs of the Filipino Youth in the time of the pandemic (and post-pandemic). The first two sessions took place last February 26 and March 20. The last session will be on April 28.

The first module covers the following: 

  • Key accountability concepts and issues
    • Definition of accountability and social accountability
    • Central questions to accountability
    • Why is accountability important
    • How do you campaign for accountability: accountability dimensions to look at in planning for an accountability campaign
    • Why strategic approaches to accountability
    • Examples of strategic approaches: Bibingka Strategy, Vertical Integration, G-Watch Multi-Level Citizen Action for Accountability
  • Exercise: group discussion to use the concepts learned in analyzing a social problem, laying the foundation for deeper understanding and appreciation of strategic approaches to accountability

The second module covers the following: 

  • Panel discussion: Examples of vertically-integrated civil society initiatives
    • Textbook Count
    • Agrarian Reform campaign
    • VI initiatives in other countries
  • Strategic approaches to accountability
    • Review of key propositions of vertical integration
    • Scaling Accountability Map
    • G-Watch’s Multi-Level Monitoring
    • Different social accountability tools and mechanisms 
  • Exercises:
    • Mapping of actors
    • Mapping of actions

The third module focuses on the application of strategic approaches to accountability with the focus on tool development. 

The training on social accountability and vertical integration aims to enable the leaders of Multiply-Ed Project to apply the basic principles of strategic approaches to accountability in planning for their accountability campaign by introducing them the key accountability concepts and issues and facilitating their learning from the experience of different vertically-integrated/ multi-level campaigns in the Philippines and abroad. Around 20 leaders of CYAN, G-Watch and Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP) from all over the country have attended the training sessions.

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