G-Watch Convenor-Director Delivers a Lecture on the "Right Vote" in 2022

Government Watch (G-Watch) Convenor-Director and Accountability Research Center research affiliate-adviser Joy Aceron delivered an online lecture on importance of the upcoming 2022 presidential elections. Held on 26 November 2021, the event was organized by the De La Salle University (DLSU) Integrated School Libraries and was attended by more 170 college and senior high school students. It was part of the University’s celebration of National Book Week, which had the theme “Why Choosing the Right Leader is Not a Laughing Matter?”

In her lecture, Aceron underscored the four critical issues in the 2022 elections: (1) the Philippines’ human rights crisis and democratic decline; (2) worsening corruption; (3) rollback of governance reforms; and (4) the country’s worsened poverty situation.

Speaking remotely from Baguio City, Aceron said, “The 2022 elections could make a big difference for providing the Filipinos an opportunity to assess and change the country’s political leadership.”

Aceron argues that the "right vote" in the 2022 is voting for the candidate who can “address the critical issues affecting the country.” To help the voters do so, she encouraged the participants to use the “right and accurate information about the candidates’ track record" and to "remain proactive citizens beyond elections."

De La Salle University is one of the top academic institutions in the Philippines.

See link for Aceron's PPT presentation used during the lecture: