COVID-19 Citizen Entitlements Map 2.0: What citizens are entitled to in the government’s vaccination program

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This COVID-19 Citizen Entitlement Map 2.0 (C-CEM 2.0) lists the key citizen entitlements in the vaccination program of the government and the responsible agencies for each entitlement. A space is also provided for those who intend to use the map as a tool.

Government Watch (G-Watch) has initiated the COVID-19 Citizen Entitlement Monitoring (C-CEM) at the onset of the pandemic. The anchor of the C-CEM initiative is a Citizen Entitlement Map released in April 2020. As the government’s COVID-19 response hits its second year, the focus has geared towards the vaccination efforts. G-Watch asserts that it is the right of every citizen to receive safe and effective vaccine.


Table of Contents

List of Acronyms 


I. Access to Information

II. Be Registered in the Masterlist of Vaccinees

III. For All Staff of the Vaccination Program

IV. Vaccine Prioritization

For those belonging to priority group A1

For those belonging to groups with special precautions indicated in the EUA

V. On the Day of Vaccination

If an eligible recipient arrives as a walk-in

Health Education


During vaccination


VI. In Getting the Second Dose of the Vaccine

VII. In Case of Adverse Effects

VIII. In case of Deaths

Annex 1: Vaccine Deployment (Determining Vaccine Recipients)