Building Water Governance: A Guide to Citizens' Monitoring of Local Water Governance through Public Finance Process

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This guidebook gives the citizens’ monitoring team, which we will call the Integrity Watch, a framework on how to assess the processes undertaken by the LGU and the WSP in water service provision. This guidebook is based on actual experiences of other citizens monitoring groups. It has been crafted using Human Rights-Based Approach to organization and development within the water sector, consistent with the MDGF 1919’s mainstreaming of HRBA.

This citizens’ monitoring guide is a tool to train Integrity Watch to ensure transparency and accountability in local water governance through public finance processes. This initiative complements one of the MDGF 1919 outputs, the Localized Customer Service Code, a social contract between the duty bearers and claimholders, based on key performance indicators of the Philippine National Standard for Drinking Water and the National Water Resources Board. The physical and financial performance of water service delivery can thus be monitored.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Who is the I-Watch
  • Part 2: What to Monitor: The Public Finance Cycle in Local Water Governance
  • Part 3: How to Monitor the Public Finance Cycle in Local Water Governance