The Partisan Civil Society: Analyzing Civil Society Engagement in Partisan Politics

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This discussion series reflected, examined and investigated the lessons and prospects of the involvements of societal forces in the contestation of state power. The series attempted to identify the historical conjunctures wherein civil society had engaged in partisan politics, provide the general features of those conjunctures and explain why civil society groups had acted in such a way. The result of the discussion served as inputs for an appropriate framing of the engagement of civil society in partisan politics based on the given conjuncture, which is predominantly determined by the prevailing political order.

  • First Session: Civil Society and Partisanship: Strange Bed Fellows?
  • Second Session: Reflecting on the Past Civil Society Engagement in Partisan Politics: Reasons and Outcomes of the Experience
  • Third Session: Selecting a Presidential Bet
  • Fourth Session: Approach to Reform Agenda
  • Fifth Session: What’s Next?