G-Watch Independent Validation of the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) Report on Field Survey Findings

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Given the many issues and challenges surrounding the government’s Social Amelioration Program (SAP), including the observed ‘reversed accountability’ (Aceron 2020) in its existing validation process, Government Watch (G-Watch) has undertaken its own independent validation of the delivery of SAP assistance at the beneficiary level. G-Watch’s independent validation of the SAP was done through field interview of 470 SAP and non-SAP beneficiaries in 12 barangays in 4 localities all over the country using a survey tool.

This report presents the findings of the G-Watch independent validation survey answering mainly whether the SAP was able to provide the right amount of assistance to the right beneficiaries at the right time following the right processes. The report also has related sections on grievance redress system and trust and performance.

The following are the key findings and conclusions of the G-Watch’s independent validation of SAP assistance presented in this report:

• Not all in the published SAP list received SAP assistance.
• There are indications that some beneficiaries did not receive the right amount of assistance.
• A significant percentage of the target SAP beneficiaries did not receive their assistance on time.
• It is highly perceived that there has been inclusion and exclusion errors in the selection of SAP beneficiaries, which indicates that not all the right beneficiaries received assistance.
• While complied with most of the time, basic standard processes in the implementation of SAP were not followed at all times.
• The hotlines/ GRS have been largely unutilized. • The survey validates the relationship between trust of the people and performance in the delivery of services.

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Profile of the Respondents

Did the target beneficiaries receive the intended SAP assistance?

Did the target beneficiaries receive the right amount of SAP assistance?

Was the SAP assistance provided at the right time?

Did the right beneficiaries receive the SAP assistance?

Were the right processes followed?

On the Use of Grievance Redress Mechanisms

On the Relationship of Performance and Trust

Recap of Findings and Conclusions


Annex 1: Safety Checklist for Ground Monitoring of COVID-19 Response
Annex 2: G-Watch Validation of SAP Field Survey Tool
Annex 3: Digest of Related Literature on Citizen Trust and Government Performance