Learning to be Strategic: A G-Watch Think Piece on an Alternative Approach to Sustaining Reforms Based on MAVC Experience in the Philippines

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This think piece shares key lessons of G-Watch from the Making All Voices Count (MAVC) experience in the Philippines based on a learning process with the MAVC grantees from March to August 2017, which focused on the role of strategic action and adaptive learning on the issue of sustainability. Alongside this piece are two case studies on two selected MAVC grantees, one focusing on when and how digital technology works and the other on how learning for a strategic shift happens which are to be published separately by MAVC. 

Table of Contents

I.   Background
II.  An ‘Alternative Approach’ to Sustainability: What and Why? 
III. How does citizen engagement lead to responsive and accountable governance?
IV. Learning to be Strategic in MAVC
V.  Learning ro be Strategic in the Use of Digital Technology
VI.The Central Role of the Action Strategist
VII. Learning as a Platform and Enabler of Coalition-Building for Strategic Action
VIII. Summary and Recap