Mobilising Citizens for Transparency and Accountability in Education through Textbook Count

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This case study summary reflects on some of processes, mechanisms, actors and activities at play at various stages and levels of the programme, which made it possible for civil society monitoring to cover all the Textbook Delivery Programme’s possible vulnerabilities to corruption and inefficiency. It attempts to unbundle processes at every level, and measure the intensity of the actions/tactics per level using vertical integration as a framework for analysis.

Textbook Count was a joint programme of the Department of Education and Government Watch (G-Watch), a programme of the Ateneo School of Government that implements accountability initiatives with CSOs. The programme aimed to ensure that the right quantity of textbooks, with the right quality, reached public school students at the right time, following the right processes. With support from donors including UNDP, the Asia Foundation and the Partnership for Transparency Fund, G-Watch coordinated civil society organisation participation in Textbook Count for four rounds between 2003 and 2007. The Department of Education covered other direct expenses, particularly those involving government officials and staff.

This summary is one of seven that reflect on civil society monitoring and advocacy initiatives in the Philippines – all of which aim to improve government accountability in different sectors – through the lens of vertical integration.