Rebooting G-Watch: A Report from the 2017 National Meeting of G-Watch

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A National Meeting of G-Watch local core group members and partners was convened on February 23-25, 2017 held in Astoria Plaza in Pasig City. The discussion focused on how and why G-Watch should reboot, what are the processes it entails and what should be the priority issues and agenda it will tackle. 

Table of Contents

Buod (Summary in Filipino)


I.          To Reboot: What and Why

II.         G-Watch Briefer and Context Analysis          

III.        G-Watch Reboot Ideas

G-Watch Reboot to What?        

Learning to Reboot

G-Watch Operational Center

IV.        G-Watch Network’s Reaction, Feedback and Priority Agenda

On TPA Situation and Sustaining G-Watch

On Reaction to Reboot Ideas

On Priority Issues and Agenda

On Research and Learning Agenda

V.         Concluding Remarks