TPA Now! Rebooting Accountability: An Introduction to the TPA Now! Paper Series

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The challenge of transformative impact of transparency, participation and accountability (TPA) initiatives points to the need for a different way of doing accountability. To advance the discourse and practice of ‘strategic TPA,’ Government Watch (G-Watch), in partnership with Accountability Research Center (ARC), launches TPA Now! A Paper Series on Transparency, Participation and Accountability as a platform for practitioners, researchers and action strategists to present evidence and reflect on the practice and research on strategic TPA and to broaden awareness on the importance of accountability in governance. 

This first issue of TPA Now! Paper Series provides the context and rationale for the paper series. The worsening accountability situation, both in the country and in various parts of the world, despite decades-long efforts by civil society, governments and development partners shows how difficult is the fight against corruption, abuse of power and impunity. As pro-reform/ pro-accountability forces advance and learn from their actions, so do anti-reform/ anti-accountability forces—and often at a faster rate given the resources they have. For this reason, the campaign for accountability not only has to continue, but it also has to be done better and differently. Continuing the critical reflection, discourse and exchanges of knowledge among allies would be crucial to ensure progress. Sharing good experiences and lessons would also be useful in providing the needed inspiration to keep the work going even against formidable odds.