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2 June 2020
Citizen Health Entitlements in COVID-19 Pandemic

By Joy Aceron and Victoria Maglanque*

In a health emergency, entitlements of citizens that ensure their health, safety and security are most crucial. Not only that it ascertains individual welfare and rights, it also avoids over-burdening the health system with patients that require intensive care.

12 May 2020
Facing the Pandemic: Citizen Entitlements During COVID-19

This duty of the government to deliver entitlements becomes even more necessary during periods of crisis, which worsens the condition of the poor and the vulnerable. We can see this in the current health crisis caused by COVID-19. 

21 April 2020
Releasing the Names of Social Amelioration Beneficiaries can be an Effective Accountability Measure

A crisis situation can worsen government’s inefficiency and abuse of power. This, in turn, makes it harder for societies to respond and recover from disaster in a way that takes care of the victims and the most vulnerable who suffer most. This makes transparency, participation and accountability (TPA) measures extremely critical during crisis situations.

However, not all TPA measures are equally effective. And for TPA measures to be effective, they need to employ integrated approaches that enable both the demand side of accountability (citizen voice) and supply side (government’s capacity to respond)

12 April 2020
Citizen Accountability Efforts as an Integral Part of the Philippines' COVID-19 Response

By: Joy Aceron

In my April 2 Rappler article entitled ‘Challenges facing social amelioration for the coronavirus, I underscored the importance of citizen accountability efforts given the immense powers and resources that the Executive now wields:

26 March 2020
A Question Amidst the COVID 19 crisis: Where has all the health budget from sin tax gone?

As it seems, the Philippine health sector is ill-prepared for the COVID19 outbreak. This is not surprising after budget cuts, corruption allegations, politicization of health governance and political leadership’s focus on security and order going after opposition, activists and poor drug offenders.

24 March 2020
How Vulnerable are the COVID-19 Procurements to Corruption?

On March 23, 2020, the House of Representatives and Senate deliberated and passed a bill that grants immense powers to the president to address the COVID-19 threat. The proposed legislation was quickly signed into law on March 25, 2020 with the title Bayanihan We Heal as One Act or Republic Act 11469.  

Among the powers granted to the president by RA 11469 are exemptions to the government procurement law in order to undertake procurements in the most “expeditious manners” (Section 4.k). Some of the items listed that can be procured with exemptions include:

  • Goods, such as personal protective equipment (PPEs), different surgical, laboratory, medical equipment, supplies and consumables, testing kits and other needs to be determined by the Department of Health
  • Good and services for social amelioration measures in favor of affected communities
  • Lease of real property or venue for use to house health workers or serve as quarantine centers, medical relief and others
  • Establishment, construction and operation of temporary medical facilities
  • Utilities, telecommunications and other critical services in relation to the operation of quarantine centers, medical relief and aid distribution centers and temporary medical facilities

22 March 2020
Mahusay at Epektibong Demokratikong Tugon sa COVID-19, Hindi Diktadurya

Naninindigan kami na hindi na kailangang palawigin pa ang kapangyarihan ng Pangulo upang magkaroon ng epektibong tugon sa COVID-19. Sapat na ito upang bigyang direksyon at liderato ang gobyerno at buong bansa sa pagsugpo ng COVID-19.

Ang kelangang palakasin ay ang kakayanan ng mga frontliners sa health sector at local governments sa pamamagitan ng pagbigay sa kanila ng mga tulong at suporta na kanilang kagyat na kailangan.

16 March 2020
Prioritize Support for the Public Health System! Pass a Supplemental Budget for Public Health Response to COVID-19 Now!

A Statement of Government Watch (G-Watch)* on the COVID-19 Crisis

A crisis like no other is upon us. The COVID-19 pandemic has already killed 12 people in the Philippines with 140 found positive cases as of March 15, 2020. The numbers continue to grow. In the world, more than 140,000 people have been infected by this deadly virus and has claimed the lives of almost 6,000 individuals.

9 March 2020
On Elite Capture, the Poor and Patron-Client Networks

By: Joy Aceron

In my continuing readings of evaluation studies on participatory reforms, I noticed that the concept of elite capture is repeatedly pointed out.

I like how one material (Saguin 2018) differentiates elite control vs. elite capture and the measures to address them using existing literature.

21 February 2020
Why the Need for Accountability Education?

Last February 14, Valentine’s Day, G-Watch had its 3rd Ako, Ikaw, Tayo May Pananagutan (AIM-P) Awareness-Raising Campaign Day with the theme “Kabataan, Pusuan ang Pananagutan.” This year’s campaign focused on engaging young people in accountability conversations, especially officials of Sangguniang Kabataan (Youth Councils).

All over the world, today's youth are leading collective actions to address pressing issues such as social injustice, corruption, abuse and climate change. In the Philippines, participation of the youth is given so much recognition and importance that it has now been institutionalized in every barangay through the SKs. However, SK as an institution needs strengthening and support. G-Watch aims to contribute to this by engaging SKs in accountability work