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19 August 2015
To Cement "Daang Matuwid," We Need Party Reforms, FOI and Anti-Dynasty Law

For "Daang Matuwid" to be sustained, expanded and deepened, good governance has to become a norm; good governance practices must become common, not mere islands and best practices up for awards. Political party reforms, Freedom of Information (FoI) and the anti-dynasty law are mechanisms that will make "Daang Matuwid" a norm that will bring about change that can be felt by ordinary citizens.

4 August 2015
Quo Vadis, Citizen Participation? Introduction to the Conference-Workshop

This conference-workshop is meant to start putting the citizens and civil society at the center, not mere expectators and recipients of policies and services - but as active actors pivotal in direction-/ agenda-setting and in leading this country to a better future.

19 April 2015
Puerto Princesa and the recall paradox

There could be times when instead of speaking truth to power, an accountability mechanism becomes a tool of the powerful to constrain governance

14 March 2015
That thing called resignation

His resignation shows how a person can reconcile the tension between his individual political disposition with his responsibility to a cause, a collective or a party

16 February 2015
Bangsamoro as a "New Unity"

The Philippines as a nation-state will be strengthened with the proposed Bangsamoro solution. A nation-state is weakened whenever its monopoly over the use of legitimate violence is threatened by an armed rebellion; it is strengthened when it ends the rebellion through peace. 

19 November 2014
Strengthening Accountability to Sustain Reform

Accountability is achieved and sustained by creating and strengthening institutions. Institutions are strengthened through accountability efforts and practices.

7 November 2014
PNoy, Walden Bello and Constructive Criticism

In a democracy where public office is a public trust and where power emanates from the people, getting feedback on how government exercises its power from everywhere, anytime is a given. In fact, it is encouraged. Government is expected to respond and its response is expected to make it more efficient and effective. 

25 October 2014
Infusing Dignity in Politics through Electoral Reform

We have advanced on so many governance reforms under the current administration, the reform of the most basic requirement of democracy, elections, continues to lag behind. 

21 September 2014
The Dark Lord doesn't share power: 4 points against dictators

If you think that Marcos was the best president we ever had, think again

23 August 2014
Lessons on Political Change from Rurouni Kenshin

What is change? It means something different and new that comes about from the old. It is the end of the old and the beginning of something new. Change as an objective, an end, is achieved through a variety of means and ways.