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23 August 2014
Political change, the Kenshin Himura way

Using the ways of the old to fight for the new is like becoming the enemy you want to defeat

15 August 2014
ChaCha As a Common Project

ChaCha need not be divisive. There will be differences in the position on the specific changes to be introduced. But the process, if we stay true to it and focus on the common good concerns, will make us think of the same thing: what is good for the country, what system and institutions would best serve the Filipinos? 

31 July 2014
ISPEAK: Why was the President quiet on FOI?

'While the President himself emphasizes the importance of building people's trust in government, he doesn't seem to fully appreciate the role played by free access to information in building public trust'

19 July 2014
The gaps in the Supreme Court’s DAP ruling

There are 4 gaps that leave critical questions hanging and issues unresolved on the DAP controversy. This is how the decision could be wanting for non-lawyers

13 July 2014
The bright side of the DAP

Yes, there is something positive too about what we are going through – and how we can harvest these gains and use them to move forward will spell the difference for reforms in the country

28 May 2014
The Spectre of Pork

Governance has to be reformed and made transparent, accountable and participatory because power corrupts. And in our current system, there are many ways and mechanisms that facilitate the corruption of power. The pork system was one of them. It is easy to abuse public office. The system, in fact, has been molded so that those on top can easily use and abuse it to stay in power.

23 February 2014
Why We Should Pursue Charter Change

We should change our Constitution to correct the flaws and weaknesses in our political system

2 January 2014
How citizens can help improve education governance

There is still much room for improvement in citizen participation in local education governance

9 December 2013
Electoral Reform as a Litmus-Test

An administration’s reform-mindedness or reform-orientation will be determined by its demonstrated commitment to reforming the ways by which power in government is constituted, with the elections being the most basic formal mechanism to give and enable such power.

26 November 2013
On the SC's Role in Resolving the DAP Issue

The DAP is a sensible fiscal discipline mechanism provided that possible abuses of discretion in its use will be avoided. In identifying which projects and programs to cancel, the executive must have a clear performance standards to use which can be checked. In re-allocating savings (as defined by law), the projects and programs to be funded must be items in the GAA or items that will pass through legislative enactment.