Job Opening: Project Assistant

Call for Applications: Job Opening

G-Watch is formerly a social accountability program of a university founded in 2001 that is currently rebooting, in transition to being an independent national action research organization embedded in constituencies of civic and advocacy-oriented organizations all over the Philippines aiming to contribute in the deepening of democracy through the scaling of accountability and citizen empowerment.

The problem on the systemic impact and sustainability of most transparency, participation and accountability (TPA) initiatives points to the need for a conceptual reboot in civil society in the Philippines. Recent empirical research has shown that integrated and eco-systemic approach to doing TPA is more promising in achieving lasting results. To address such need for a conceptual reboot that will push forward a different way of doing TPA, learning, research uptake and action research are key. G-Watch’s current research agenda revolve around sustaining open government reforms, accountability politics and citizen engagement.

Responsibilities and Tasks

In general, the Project Assistant shall assist in the planning, implementation and reporting of G-Watch projects. Specifically:

  • Coordinate and orchestrate the implementation and reporting on selected projects of G-Watch;
  • Coordinate the arrangement of events, activities and meetings necessary for the implementation of the assigned projects;
  • Prepare necessary correspondence with partner government agencies and civil society organizations;
  • Assist in preparing financial proposals for related projects in collaboration with the rest of the team;
  • Conduct data-gathering and data-processing activities for related projects;
  • Writes research and technical papers of the assigned project/s;
  • Attend outside meetings and functions related to G-Watch;
  • Assist in linkaging, coordinating and communicating with the broad network of G-Watch;
  • Assist the G-Watch Convenor-Director and Administrator in the performance of their tasks and responsibilities.
  • Perform other related tasks as may be assigned by the G-Watch Convenor-Director.

Level of Effort, Timeframe and Fee

Compensation will be discussed during the interview. Depending on the background of the applicant, part-time arrangement may be explored.


Applicants must have the following qualifications:

  • A graduate of political science, sociology, economics, philosophy or any related social science courses
  • Experience in project implementation is preferred
  • Experience in research and writing is preferred
  • Must be willing to multi-task and travel
  • Interest in politics and governance and passion for democratic ideals is a plus


For interested applicants, please submit:

  • An application letter addressed to: 

                        Joy Aceron

  • Resume/ CV 

Application is open until 15 October 2018.